Trolley to Christmas Town

Trolley to Christmas Town

Saturday and Sunday December 1st & 2nd

Join us for a trolley ride from the Harwich Chamber of Commerce to the Harwich Cultural Center.

There you will be greeted by Santa’s friendly helpers and listen to the story of the “Polar Express” read by none other than Santa Claus himself. Children will also have the opportunity make a Letter for Santa

There is maximum of 35 people per trolley.  If a trolley is full, please try another time.  
Fill out the registration completely with phone and email in case we have to reach you-
Including Comments section with time

Tickets are $5 per person (believer’s and non-believer’s alike)

Register here for a specific trolley time

Saturday, December 1st
5:15 PM sold out
5:45 PM sold out
6:15 PM sold out
6:45 PM

Sunday, December 2nd
4:45 PM
5:15 PM
5:45 PM
6:15 PM
6:45 PM

Special thanks to Cape Destinations, Santa and of course all of his little helpers.

Proceeds from this event benefit the Harwich Chamber of Commerce Charitable Foundation.

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