Harwich Community Branding Project



brooksIt’s just a logo, right? Nope. A slogan? Not really. A brand is far more than either of those. And everyone, every product, and every community has a brand. A brand is Harwich’s competitive identity – not just what WE here locally think, but what others think about the Harwich experience.  Branding is what we do to affect and manage the conversations that people are already having about Harwich. An honest, relevant, clearly and cleverly articulated brand can elevate the regard that residents, visitors, and business prospects have for our town.

BP52A brand is not created; it is discovered within the spirit of a place. It comes from the history, the culture, the geography and the society of the place – as such it is an accurate reflection of the genius and the will of the people. Using qualitative and quantitative research tools, we will attain a thorough understanding of Harwich’s values, assets and priorities, which can then be articulated as our area’s “brand.”

Our goal is to produce a cohesive message and consistent feel with elements and tools that can be easily incorporated for use by businesses, government, residents, tourism, and community groups. We are seeking a brand that not only preserves our unique identity of the past, but looks towards our future. An effective integrated brand contributes to a stronger economic base, higher property values, diverse and sustainable employers, visitor attraction, and citizen retention.


The Harwich Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Harwich are partnering with North Star Destination Strategies – based in Nashville, TN, a national leader in community branding. Learn more about North Star and review case studies from other communities who have highly prized their expertise and objectivity at www.northstarideas.com.


We will be distributing surveys throughout the community within the next few weeks and are hoping to get as much feedback as possible from the community.  We have also reached out to neighboring communities, second homeowners, business owners and vacationers as well as prospective homeowners, business owners and vacationers.  Over the next couple of months we will continue to collect information from a variety of sources and comprise a brand identity package.

weltimagecolor-2This package will include reports on:
o Overall awareness and perceptions of Harwich
o Overall awareness and perceptions of the competition
o Consumer visitation patterns to Harwich
o Attitudes regarding Harwich’s strengths and weaknesses
o Consumer opinions regarding what needs to added or taken away
o Changes in consumer perceptions of Harwich after visiting
o Patterns of visitation activities associated with primary purpose of visitation
o Competitive Perception Review
o Competitive Positioning Review
o Consumer Mapping
o Brand Monitoring
o Top Business Prospecting


The Harwich Brand Committee is coordinated through the Harwich Chamber of Commerce and is co-chaired by Virginia Hewitt of Brooks Free Library and Peggy Garrahan of Cape Destinations.  For more information or to help out on the branding project please contact the Harwich Chamber of Commerce.

Contact Jeremy Gingras with the Harwich Chamber of Commerce at 508.432.7166 or jeremy@harwichcc.com for more information.

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