Town Government

town hall

Harwich Town Hall
732 Main Street, Harwich Center

The Town of Harwich is a quintessential New England community that follows the traditional New England practice of open Town Meeting, held in May. The Town is governed by a Board of Selectmen and Town Administrator. A wide variety of volunteer Town committees and commissions provide great opportunity for residents to participate and contribute to the vibrancy of the community.

Harwich is one of 15 towns in Barnstable County which encompasses Cape Cod. The county’s regional government is through the County Commissioners and Assembly of Delegates. Harwich’s County Commissioner is Elizabeth Hardin and its elected representative to the Assembly of Delegates is Ronald Bergstrom.

On the State level, Harwich is represented in the Massachusetts House of Representatives by Sarah Peake as part of the Fourth Barnstable district and in the Massachusetts Senate by Julian Cyr as part of the Cape and Islands District. For more information, please check out the Commonwealth of Massachusetts website.

On the Federal level, Harwich is represented by William Keating as part of Massachusetts’s 10th congressional district. The Commonwealth’s senior member of the United States Senate is John Kerry and its junior member is Elizabeth Warren.